These plants are all perennials that are available at Huntree Nursery
Achillea 'Moonshine'                  Agastache                     Allium
Allysum                                      Amsonia                       
Anacyclus                     Artemesia                                   
Asclepias                       Aster
Callirhoe                                    Campanula                   Centranthus ruber
Centaurea                                  Coreopsis                       
Caryopteris                   Dianthus                                    
Diervilla                        Echinacea                     
Echinops                                    Eryngium                      
Eupatorium                  Gaillardia                                   
Gaura                           Grasses
Helianthus                                 Hemerocalis                   Iris                  
Kniphofia                                   Lavandula                     Liatris                       
Leucanthemum                          Nepeta                           Oreganum                 
Penstemon                                 Perovskia                       Ratibida                     
Rhus                                          Rosa                              Salvia                          
Santolina                                   Stachys                          Sedum                        
Solidago                                    Symphoricarpus             
Thymus                         Yucca
These plants develop deep root systems that will sustain them during dry periods.

However, a plant's ability to withstand dry conditions does NOT start the day it is
planted. Pay careful attention to watering any plant during its first growing season.
Remember to water deeply to encourage roots to grow deeply. Light sprinkling every
day will cause shallow roots to develop.

In sandy soil, use SOIL MOIST. This is a water-absorbing polymer that swells with
moisture and slowly releases water as needed. Also, adding organic matter such as peat
moss or mushroom compost will help with moisture retention.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure a good deep root system that will help the
plant adapt to and survive in hot, dry, neglected garden spots for many years to come.
Plants that tolerate hot sunny locations