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Winter Care of Cement Statuary

Proper winter care is necessary to protect all cast stone products from the
freeze-thaw cycles that occur in the winter.  Anything that can hold water,
snow, or ice, such as a planter, birdbath top, shell and anything that sits
directly on the ground, such as a statue, birdbath base, planter, or bench
leg, can be damaged by winter freeze-thaw cycles.  To minimize any
possible winter damage, please follow the simple suggestions listed below:

Cement Planters
If a planter is to be left planted over the winter, we suggest that you raise it
up off the ground by placing two pressure treated wood strips underneath
the planter making sure not to block the drainage hold.

If a planter is not to be planted over the winter, we suggest that it be stored
in a garage, shed, or on a porch away from the elements.  Empty the soil
and turn the planter upside down onto wood strips and then cover or wrap
the planter with absorbent material such as burlap, an old blanket, or towels
and then cover with dark plastic.  This will prevent any moisture from getting
into the planter.

Birdbaths, Benches, & Statuary
Cement birdbath tops should not be left outside in the winter.  Once the top
fills with water/snow and freezes, the top may crack.  Ideally, all bases, lench
legs, and statuary should be moved away from the elements and stored as
outlined above.  If this is not possible, they should be raised up off the
ground for the winter seaseon to avoid freezing to the ground surface.

Huntree Nursery will NOT be responsible for any damage due to weather

For further information or assistance, please contact us at Huntree Nursery.  
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