Huntree Nursery has a long history. Way back in the 1930's
after Michigan timber had been clear-cut, there was a demand
for seedlings with which to reforest the bare land. All the trees
possible to be used for timber had been cut and turned into
lumber. Walter Studley came to the area to develop the Pier
Cove ravine and then began raising conifer seedlings. His
nursery, began in 1932, was the first private nursery in the
state of Michigan to raise large quantities of evergreen
In 1954 Howard Hunt purchased the nursery from Mr. Studley. He was
involved in planting Christmas tree seedlings around the state and
decided that he should begin growing his own seedlings. Huntree Nursery
was born. It wasn't long before he began selling a few blooming azaleas
on the front steps. One thing led to another and Howard was in the retail
garden center business,growing ornamentals as well as seedlings.He was
never satisfied with the status quo. One good idea led to another. He
began to grow plants in containers, using discarded tin cans from the
Michigan Fruit Canners and Lloyd J. Harris pie factory.A greenhouse was
added in order to produce rooted cuttings. There was a disastrous fire in
1961 that nearly wiped out the nursery.  A new building was built as the
retail store to replace the house which the Hunts worked out of. As the
area grew, so did the business. An important part of their staff was the
Hughes family,(all 13 of them), who came in 1962 and worked many years
at Huntree. They began coming up from Texas for a few years and then
became permanent residents here in Ganges township. Elvira, the oldest
daughter, is still our best (and favorite) employee. She has been working
here for 40 years!
In 1971 Jan and David Landry came to work after just graduating from Michigan
State University. Nine years later they purchased the business from Howard and
Sally. By this time the business was a full-fledged garden center, landscaping
service, and wholesale nursery. Improvements have been made through the
years with the renovation and remodeling of the store, addition to the barn,
construction of shade structures and poly houses. We continue to expand and
improve our selection of ornamental plants in order to offer our customers the
newest and most exciting varieties.
The three Landry children, Laura, Matt and Anna have survived growing up in the
business and we're thrilled that Matt has decided to become an integral part of
the business.
The nursery now covers 30 acres of land. At one time the land extended west
almost to Lake Michigan but the expressway was built which dissected the land,
leaving a portion inaccessible on the west side of I-196
Huntree Nursery
2346 Blue Star Highway - Fennville, Michigan  49408
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