Ironically, the most efficient means of grub control is allowing the MOLE population to thrive. Moles,
field mice and voles rely on grubs as a major food source! So, while these critters may agitate us with
their tunneling and chewing, they are nonetheless important to the ecological balance in your back yard.

Balance is a key word! If you achieve natural balance, you will not have a grub problem. Use chemicals
that are environmentally safe and target the problem you are trying to treat. Also, learn to live with a few
grubs around. If there is sincerely a problem, treat it. If there are only a few scattered around, don't
worry about it. Remember! Most native grubs will emerge as predatory beetles that will help your yard in
the long run. Not all grubs turn into chafers and Japanese beetles.

Learn how to identify a grub problem. Many times we see dead patches in the yard and automatically
assume grubs. Look first. Lift the edge of the dead spot to see what is going on. You may not have
grubs at all. You could have a fungus or dry spots or fertilizer problems!

MILKY SPORE is an excellent long term natural product for grub control. Milky Spore is a disease that
infects the grubs and subsequently kills them. As grubs die, more become infected as their dead husks
release more disease to the soil. So, the longer Milky Spore is in the soil, the better it will work. You
only need to apply it once in Spring and you're set for the season. After a couple seasons of application,
you are set for up to 20 years of protection! You don't have to apply every year. The disease will sit
dormant until another grub shows up and eats it. Milky Spore will not infect anything but the grub. It is
safe to use around people, animals, birds, etc....

If you have a serious grub problem, we recommend using the Milky Spore as a long term control while
simultaneously using a more traditional chemical method for quick knock-down. To kill mature grubs in
the spring and fall, we recommend using SEVIN or DYLOX grub control. These come in easy-open
bags formulated for spreader application. In Summer months, use BAYER ADVANCED SEASON-LONG
GRUB CONTROL. Bayer only kills small grubs that are just hatching and beginning to feed. This will
not be effective once the grubs have matured.

When applying any grub control product as a dry formulation, sprinkle water on the lawn for 30 minutes
to an hour to make sure it is incorporated into the soil. Do not apply just before a downpour and do not
apply without sprinkling afterwards. If it sits on top of the grass it will not work and it may burn the grass.
If it washes get the picture.
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