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HOURS: Monday - Saturday 9-5
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Huntree Nursery is located in Southwest Michigan (SW MI) near Saugatuck MI, Douglas Michigan, Holland Mich, South Haven, Fennville, Glenn, Allegan.
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Caring for Your Plants
General Planting Guide
How to Plant: Dig a hole as deep as the
pot (no deeper) and at least a third wider.
Mix organic matter (peat moss, top soil,
compost) into the soil that was removed
from the hole. Fill in and firm soil around
root ball. Water thoroughly!
(see How to Water)

Cover surface of soil with bark mulch to
keep roots cool and help hold moisture in.
Apply 2-3 inches - more is NOT better.
Don't pile bark up against tree trunks or on
top of the crowns of perennials.

Clay Soil: Clay soil doesn't drain well. Most
plants can't sit in soggy wet soil. Work in
plenty of top soil, compost or peat moss to
loosen soil. (Don't add sand!!) If it's very
heavy clay, raise root ball above ground
level and add topsoil to make a mound.
Mulch. Most important: Select plant material
carefully! Don't use Rhododendron,
Dogwood or Redbud!

Protection: Protect bark from damage by
mice, rabbits, sun scald and weed whips.
Wrap with tree wrap for at least the first
How to Water: This is the most important
detail! Soak thoroughly after planting. Let water
slowly trickle in by laying a hose next to the tree
or shrub and let water trickle for 3 hours. Using
a soaker hose will also work well. Faithfully water
once per week in spring. During hot summer
weather increase to twice per week. Special
attention for Redbuds and Dogwood: Water
twice per week in spring. Increase to every other
day in summer. Electronic water timers can be
attached to a faucet to save you time and effort.
These materials are all available in our store!

Sandy Soil: Plants need organic matter to hold
water and nutrients. Water and nutrients run
right through sand. Add top soil, peat moss
and/or mushroom compost to existing soil. Mix
well. Fill around root ball. Be prepared to water
consistently for the first year or more.

How to Fertilize: At planting time, ask. Usually,
we have already fertilized what you are
purchasing. However, if not, at planting time mix
Slow-release organic fertilizer into the soil at the
rate indicated on the package OR use Starter
with vitamin B1 root stimulator OR water with a
Miracle Gro solution. The following year, fertilize
with slow release granules or fertilizer stakes.
We guarantee our plants to be healthy at time of sale. If your purchase dies within 6 months or within the growing season, we will
replace it or give you credit. PLEASE follow the above instructions. If you are away in the summer, make plans to provide your plants
with water and proper care. Electronic water timers are an excellent solution. We cannot replace your purchase or give credit if your
plant dies due to lack of water, the ravages of Mother Nature over the winter or damage due to weed whips, animals, etc...  We strive
to provide the best plant material possible and with the proper planting and care, we know you will enjoy your landscape for many
years to come.
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