The Children's Garden
at Huntree Nursery
Welcome to the Children's Garden, the brainstorm of Cindy, our Master
Gardener Retail Sales Expert.   This is year 6 for the garden which
welcomes children and adults to enter and enjoy.    Walk the paths, look
for birds and butterflies, go on a scavenger hunt.  Join in on the
archeological dig - using shovels and trowels, see what treasures you can
find.  Build cairns (piles of stones to mark a trail), balancing flat rocks
into a high stack.  It's not as easy as you would think!  Take the
challenge!  Make music with musical pot lid cymbals on the stage.  Use
the mallets to make beautiful music, which can be heard through the
garden center.  Little ones will enjoy sitting on the John Deere tractor
and pretend to drive down the path.  The scarecrow has new hair and
face.   Feel free to pull a few weeds as you stroll through the garden.  
Next to the Children's Garden is the labyrinth, the brainchild of Paul, our
Michigan Certified Nurseryman Sales Expert.  Travel through the spiral path and
stop to read the interesting information found on the sign cards along the way.
Huntree Nursery
2346 Blue Star Highway
Fennville, MI 49408
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